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Jasper Waterfalls

• A WorldWeb.com Travel Guide to Waterfalls in Jasper, Alberta.
BulletKitchener Creek Falls
Visible from the Icefields Parkway and located just north of the Icefields Centre is this 122-m-tall (400 ft) waterfall. The fall, which is actually Kitchener Creek, snakes down the face of the canyon, ending up in the Sunwapta River.
BulletLower and Upper Geraldine Falls
About a kilometer apart from each other, these two waterfalls both drop into the Geraldine Lakes. The lower waterfall is about 90 m (295 ft) high and drops into a gorge while the upper waterfall is about 152 m (500 ft) high and drops over a wide cliff.
BulletSnake Indian Falls
Snake Indian Falls is a thundering waterfall that plunges 100 m (328 ft) over a limestone cliff and into the river below. Because the falls are difficult to get to, the area is often quiet and free of any crowds. The waterfall is located about 22 km (14 mi) from Celestine Lake Road, a narrow and twisting road.
BulletMaligne Canyon Falls
In the summer, Maligne River sweeps through Maligne Canyon, creating several waterfalls throughout. One of the first waterfalls, visible from the first bridge, drops about 7.6 m (25 ft) into the canyon. The largest and most popular waterfall is 23 m (75 ft) high, and is best viewed from a bridge directly over the falls. In the wintertime, these waters are frozen, creating magnificent ice caves.
BulletSunwapta and Lower Sunwapta Falls
Here, the Sunwapta River abruptly changes its course from northwest to southwest and plunges into a deep canyon producing a spectacular waterfall. The lower falls are about 2 km (1.2 mi) away. Open: June to Sept. The site is located 55 km (34.3 mi) south of Jasper and l75 km (109 mi) north of Lake Louise.
BulletKerkeslin Falls
Dropping down a canyon on Mount Kerkeslin, this waterfall is a tiered cascade falling from 310 m (1,017ft) high. It is a waterfall popular for ice climbing in the winter.
BulletBeauty Creek and Stanley Falls
Beauty Creek and Stanley Falls are a popular area for viewing woodland caribou and other wildlife. The main falls are accessible by a trail that runs along forestland and that is dotted by numerous smaller waterfalls.
BulletTangle Falls
Beautiful waterfalls tumble down the Tangle Ridge. Bighorn sheep are often seen in this area. The falls are located 96 km (60 mi) south of Jasper and l34 km (83.75 mi) north of Lake Louise.
BulletAthabasca Falls
The force of the Athabasca River is funnelled into a narrow canyon cut in very hard, quartz-rich sandstone rock. Viewpoints are located along the falls. The falls are located 30 km (18.75 mi) south of Jasper townsite along the Icefield Parkway.
BulletPunchbowl Falls
A mountain creek tumbles over a cliff face creating a narrow crevice in the stone. The steepness and irregularities of the cliff face all contribute to the unusual shape of these falls. Located 48 km (30 mi) east of Jasper, and 1 km (0.6 mi) up Miette Hot Springs Road.
BulletFryatt Creek Falls
This waterfall cascades down a 150-m-tall (492 ft) wall into Fryatt Lake below. The falls are located near the Athabasca Falls, about 20 km (12 mi) into the Fryatt Valley trail.
Jasper National Park, Alberta
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