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Jasper Mountains

• A WorldWeb.com Travel Guide to Mountains in Jasper, Alberta.
BulletMount Tekarra
Mount Tekarra, visible on the eastern edges of the town of Jasper, is situated between the Athabasca and the Maligne River Valleys. The mountains was officially named in 1859 after a First Nations guide who led explorer James Hector and his expedition to the Athabasca River.
BulletMount Dalhousie
Mount Dalhousie is located near the southeastern border of Jasper National Park, in the Brazeau River Valley. The name comes from the Tenth Earl of Dalhousie, James Andrew Broun.
BulletMaligne Mountain
Covered in glaciers, Maligne Mountain is a 3,200-m-tall (10,499 ft) peak that can be found near the southeast end of Maligne Lake. The mountain itself is divided into five separate peaks.
BulletMount Woolley
Mount Woolley is located in the Sunwapta River Range, approximately 79 km (49 mi) from the town of Jasper. The mountain, which is 3,405-m-tall (11,171 ft), can be seen from Highway 93 N.
BulletMarble Mountain
Marble Mountain is found in the Brazeau River Valley, approximately 5 km (3 mi) south of Brazeau Lake. The peak stands 2,962 m (9,718 ft) high.
BulletMount Christie
Mount Christie is best viewed from the Icefields Parkway, just north of Ranger Creek. Standing 3,103 m (10,181 ft) high, the mountain is in the Athabasca River Valley and is also visible from Highway 93N.
BulletRoche Bonhomme
Nicknamed Old Man Mountain, Roche Bonhomme is a gently rolling mountain that stands 2,495 m (8,186 ft) in height, and is visible on the northeastern outskirts of the town of Jasper. The name, translated from French, means “good fellow.”
BulletMount Kerkeslin
Mount Kerkeslin is a prominent peak found south of Jasper and in the Athabasca River Valley. This looming mountain stands 2,984 m (9791 ft) high and is clearly visible from Athabasca Falls and the Athabasca River Bridge.
BulletMount Brazeau
Mount Brazeau is a 3,470-m-tall (11,385 ft), snow covered peak located in the upper Coronet Creek Valley. The mountain was named after Joseph Edward Brazeau who worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company and supplied his translation skills to the Palliser Expedition.
BulletMount Fryatt
Mount Fryatt is found 39 km south of Jasper and just west of the Athabasca River. The mountain was named in honour of Captain Charles Algernon Fryatt who was captured by German soldiers during World War I and executed for carrying Allied Troops aboard his merchant ship, the Brussels.
BulletThe Twins
The Twins refers to North Twin Peak, South Twin Peak and Twins Tower, which are located in the upper Athabasca River Valley on the northeastern end of the Columbia Icefield. Twins Tower is a jutting peak that rises 3,627 m (11,900 ft), and is known for difficult climbing. North and South Twin Peaks are adjacent peaks with North Twin being the taller of the two at 3,684 m (12,087 ft) high.
BulletMonkhead Mountain
Directly south of Maligne Lake is Monkhead Mountain. At a height of 3,219 m (10,561 ft), the mountain features a large glacier on its eastern slopes. The mountain received its name because the summit has a hooded monk-like appearance.
BulletMount Columbia
The highest peak on the Continental Divide, Mount Columbia rises 3,747 m (12,294 ft) into the sky. Named after the Columbia River, this mountain is visible from Highway 93N and rests on northern end of the Columbia Icefield. The mountain is just inside the border that separates Alberta from BC.
BulletOpal Peak
Opal Peak is located in the Maligne River Valley near the lower northeast shore of Maligne Lake. The mountain was named so because of its smooth, reddish-brown colouring.
BulletMount Hardisty
Found approximately 20 km (13 mi) south of Jasper and in the Athabasca River Valley is Mount Hardisty. This 2,700-m-tall (8,859 ft) peak was named in 1859 after Richard Hardisty, a Rocky Mountain House chief trader.
BulletPyramid Mountain
Clearly visible on the northern backdrop of the Jasper townsite, Pyramid Mountain is a 2,766-m-tall (9,075 ft) peak. Appropriately named, the mountain clearly resembles a large pyramid when looking at it from the southwest.
BulletSnow Dome
Snow Dome is a mountain that is located on the Continental Divide. The mountain, whose summit is covered entirely by the Columbia Icefield, is known as a hydrological apex, one of two in the world. Water from this hydrological apex feeds three of the world’s ocean (the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic) through various river systems.
BulletNigel Peak
This 3,211-m-high (10,535 ft) mountain is located in the upper Sunwapta River Valley, on the border that separates Jasper and Banff National Parks. Visible from Highway 93 N, this peak covers three kilometers of the boundary.
BulletMount Kitchener
Visible from Highway 93 N and the Icefields Parkway, Mount Kitchener is a 3,505-m-tall (11,500 ft) peak covered in permanent snow. The mountain was officially named in 1916 after Viscount Kitchener who was a British Field Marshal during World War I.
BulletRoche Ronde
The name Ronde, which means round in French, was given to this mountain because of its rounded summit. This 2,138-m-tall (7,015 ft) mountain is located in the Athabasca River Valley, directly across the river from Roche Miette.
BulletUtopia Mountain
Morrison Bridgland named Utopia Mountain in 1916 because its summit provided him and his surveying party with relief from the large black flies found in the valley below. The mountain can be found northwest of Utopia Creek, between Makwa Creek and Fiddle Creek.
BulletMount Charlton
Approximately 49 km (30 mi) southeast of Jasper is Mount Charlton. Clearly visible from Maligne Lake Road, this mountain is located near the southwestern shore of Maligne Lake. The mountain was named after the General Advertising Agent of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway who helped fund a 1911 surveying expedition to Maligne Lake.
BulletRoche Miette
Roche Miette is the wide, prominent mountain that greets visitors entering Jasper National Park from Highway 16. Looming over the Athabasca River, this mountain is 2,316 m (7,600 ft) high, and is a popular place for moderate-level to experienced scrambling and climbing.
BulletMount Balinhard
Nestled between Restless River and Medicine Tent River is Mount Balinhard. This 3,130-m-tall (10,270 ft) peak was named after James Carnegie, whose title was also Baron Balinhard.
BulletLeah Peak
Found a few kilometers northwest of Samson Peak, in the Maligne Lake Valley, is Leah Peak. Visible from the northeastern shore of Maligne Lake, this 2,801-m-tall (9,190 ft) mountain was named after Leah Beaver, wife of Samson Beaver who was a young First Nations man who helped Mary Schaffer find Maligne Lake.
BulletWhistlers Mountain
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Whistlers Mountain is the location of the Jasper Tramway. The tramway takes visitors up this 2,464-m-tall (8,084 ft) mountain to a lookout point that offers scenic views of the Jasper townsite and the surrounding mountains and landscape. The mountain was named after a badger-like animal known as the whistling marmot that live in these alpine areas. The peak is located just south of Jasper, in the Athabasca River Valley.
BulletSamson Peak
This triangular shaped mountain is located in the Maligne Lake Valley. Standing at 3,077 m (10,095 ft), the mountain provides a backdrop to the northeastern shore of Maligne Lake. Mary Schaffer named it in 1908 in honour of Samson Beaver, a First Nations man who helped her find Maligne Lake.
BulletMount Edith Cavell
Visible from Highway 93 North just south of Jasper, Mount Edith Cavell is a jagged peak that rises 3,363 m (11,034 ft) above sea level. It is a popular attraction for travellers as well as for alpine climbing in Jasper. The mountain was named in 1916 after a British nurse who was executed by the Germans for helping allied troops escape. Angel Glacier lies in a saddle area on the northeast slope. The mountain is located 29 km (11.8) south of Jasper on Highway 93, then Highway 93A.
BulletBrussels Peak
Located in the Fryatt Valley, Brussels Peak is a 3,161 m (10,371 ft) tall mountain that is also visible from Highway 93N. The mountain was officially named in 1920 after a British ship that was commanded by a merchant who was executed in World War I. Alpine climbing is also popular here.
BulletSunwapta Peak
This glacier-covered peak is located in the Sunwapta River Valley, and is visible from the Icefields Parkway. A prominent mountain, it stands 3,315 m (10,875 ft) high and is the tallest peak seen to the east of the parkway. The word Sunwapta is Stoney for "turbulent river."
BulletSnaring Mountain
Snaring Mountain is located approximately 23 km (14 mi) north of Jasper in the Snaring River Valley. The mountain was officially named in 1934 after a First Nations tribe who were known as the Snares.
BulletValley of the Five Lakes
A popular hiking circuit among locals and visitors alike, this picturesque trail system is located along the Icefields Parkway just 9km (5.5 mi) from the traffic lights in Jasper. Highlights along the 5 km (3 mi) circuit include rambling creeks, five lakes and panoramic mountain views.
BulletMount Alberta
One of the tallest peaks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Mount Alberta rises 3,619 m (11,874 ft) in height. The mountain’s summit is a long, flat, wall-like face carved with precipices and permanently draped with snow. An extremely difficult mountain to climb, this majestic mountain remained the last major Rocky Mountain to be scaled until the first ascent was made in 1925 by the Japanese Alpine Club.
BulletHelmet Mountain
Standing 2,612 m (8,570 ft) in height, this mountain can be found in the Rocky River Valley, north of Helmet Creek. The mountain, which resembles a helmet, was officially named in 1904.
BulletPoboktan Mountain
Poboktan Mountain rises 3,320 m (10,893 ft) and is located west of Brazeau Lake. The word Poboktan is Stoney for owl.
Jasper National Park, Alberta
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